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A guide to basic fishing knots

Albright knot
Clinch knot
Figure eight knot
Perfection loop
Surgeon's knot
How to Connect a Braided Loop to your Fly Line

For a list of other common fishing knots, with pictures and descriptions of when to use it, try this page written by professional instructor (APGAI) Ally Gowans


Albright Knot

Double back several inches of the wire leader. Insert line through loop formed. Pull 10 - 12 in. of line.
Wrap line back over itself and over both strands of the doubled wire leader. Make 15 turns and insert end of line back through loop at point of entry. Pull gently on standing part of line to remove slack, pull gently on short end of wire leader to close loop. Pull again to remove slack. Pull short end of wire as tight as possible. Pull standing part of line tight. Clip excess wire leader, leaving 1/8 in.


Clinch Knot

Thread wire through hook leaving several inches of wire to work with. Wrap end of wire around standing portion five times. Bring end back and insert between hook and first opening in wrap.
Turn end upward and draw through large loop created by previous step. Pull on hook and wire simultaneously to tighten.

Figure Eight Knot

Tie knot as shown. Pull the tag end and the main line in opposite directions for the knot to cinch down.

Perfection Loop

Form a loop with standing portion behind. Grip crossing section with thumb and forefinger.
Turn tag end around front of loop to create a second loop.
Lay tag end in valley between two loops.
Slip second loop through first loop pulling slowly and steadily to close final knot.

Surgeon's Knot

Connect line to leader.

Lay leader parallel to line and overlap ends by 6 in. (15.2 cm.).

Treat both lines as one and tie an overhand knot in doubled section.
Go through again with both ends as before.
Draw knot tight by gripping both strands on either side of knot, and draw down with slow but steady pressure.
Trim ends flush.


Double back several inches of line. Overlap doubled section with end of leader: form Uni-Knot circle.
Thread doubled end around and through the circle 3 times. Hold ends with left hand and pull loop with right forefinger until snug.
Reverse lines and tie another Uni-Knot with the end of the leader around both strands of line. Go through circle 3 times. Slide knots together and pull main leader and both strands of line steadily to tighten.

The knot guides above are kindly provided by American Fishing Wire.


How to connect a Braided Loop to your Fly Line:

Follow the simple steps below to attach a Braided Loop to your Fly Line. The connection to your leader is then made with a simple loop to loop joint.



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