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Airflo Ridge Line

Ex-racing driver and Airflo Pro Staffer, Masahara Katsumata is always looking for an edge so when he suggested we look at tyre technology for the next development in flylines it really had us excited. We had a good hunch what the effect of running ridges along the entire line would have on reducing friction and improving shootability – needless to say Masa was right.

The concept is simplicity itself - it’s unique ridged design reduces the surface area in contact with the rod guides, consequently friction levels are vastly improved compared to any regular round flyline.

Testing confirmed this and highlighted how the line’s grooved surface actually held water during the cast and acts as a superior lubrication system regardless of conditions. Team this innovation with record levels of Teflon® in our outer coating and you have the slickest line we’ve ever manufactured. Made from our unique polyurethane coatings, each ridge is incredibly tough for long term durability.
  • Ridged XTcoating - minimal surface contact with rod guides
  • Record levels of Teflon® for incredible shootability and water repulsion
  • Braided core – improved suppleness in cold conditions
  • Super smooth integrated welded loops

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BRAIDED WF 90ft 1ft 10ft 25ft 6.5ft 47.5ft


Ridge Presentation DT Taper
BRAIDED DT 90ft 1ft 10ft 68ft 10ft 1ft
TAPER Long front taper for precise deliveries
CORE Braided multifilament nylon for low memory in all
COATING Advanced Ridge XT for minimal friction and superb
casting performance
COLOUR WF Taper – Sunrise Yellow & Lichen Green,
DT Taper – Lichen Green
(Click to View)
Light Trout, Trout


Ridge Distance Taper
BRAIDED DT 105ft 1ft 7ft 30ft 10ft 57ft
TAPER Maximum Power Taper design for increased distance
and control at long range
CORE Braided multifilament nylon for low memory in all
COATING Advanced Ridge XT for minimal friction and superb
casting performance
COLOUR WF Taper – Sunrise Yellow & Lichen Green
(Click to View)
Trout, Sea Trout


'Ridge Revolution' article on the Airflo Ridge Line from Trout Fisherman magazine

Is Airflo's new floater a genuine breakthrough in fly line technology? We test the line on the banks of Grafham and Rutland.

The launch of any new fly line from Airflo is an event, especially a unique floating line. Tackle designer Gareth Jones, from the Brecon-based company, promised us something different. And he was right.

Their Ridge Line uses a new concept in floating line technology - ridges running along the complete length of the line. Not only does this dramatically lower the friction by reducing the surface area of line in contact with the rod rings, but it also retains sufficient water within the grooves to lubricate the line and improve casting.

Said Gareth, "One of the Airflo team is an ex-racing car driver, so when Richard Wothers came up with the Ridge concept based on tyre technology, he was the perfect choice to help develop the idea. Wet-weather tyres lose grip on a dry track. That gave us the idea of introducing ridges in the line to reduce friction.

"Currently we've two versions, the long belly Distance version in sunrise yellow and an olive green Presentation series for river fishing. In time we hope to extend the technology to other floating lines."

We took the new floating lines along to Grafham and Rutland Water to let the bank regulars have a cast...


Rob Edmunds
Ex England Team Member and Troutmasters Champion

"First impressions are important so it's vital that the line performs straight from the box. It comes with factory-welded loops at each end, allowing easy spooling of the line and attachment of the backing.

"I opted for an 8wt Distance Ridge line with the longer belly. The casting qualities of the line are exceptional. It loads the rod quickly, allowing you to present flies accurately at short and long range with little effort.

"It is at distance where the line really excels. In a flat calm, casts of 35 yards posed no problem and the line was perfectly straight without memory. The ridges are noticeable only on the thicker head section and aren't rough to the touch. It's only when you roll your fingers around the line that you notice the ridges. You feel a noticeable smoothness, due to water in the grooves acting as a lubricant.

"This is a significant development in fly line construction, and the biggest advance since the Midge Tip."

Robbie Winram
Rutland Instructor

“The coating on the line is smooth to the touch and when I would it onto the reel for the first time, showed no visible memory.

“When you lad the rod, you have that feeling that the line just wants to go – and go it does. Shooting the line is a pleasure and it wasn’t at the expense of presentation on the water which is where it counts.

“Airflo have produced a very polished line which has minimal friction passing through the rod rings, making for superior distance casting. They have also designed a head and rear taper which achieve maximum presentation.

“The line is stiffer than most which helped achieve distance, but supple enough to retrieve.

“I felt it added yards to a good cast. The Teflon coating adds to its high floatability and allows you to lift off long lengths of line, covering fish faster.

“In my opinion, this is the best floating line Airflo has produced so far. Can Ridge Line technology be married to the Sixth Sense Line?”

Rob Keeber
Rutland Regular

“The line feels nice and supple and goes out well, even though I can’t feel the ridges. It loads my 8wt rod perfectly and shoots like a rocket. At Rutland from the bank, you need to get some distance and this line does just that. I don’t normally use an Airflo floater but I will be buying one of these lines.”

Jonathan Tomlinson
Professional Instructor

“The line feels very smooth to the touch. If not exactly slick. It certainly casts and shoots well, loading the rod quickly. It punches well into the wind and lays nice and straight on the water. The welded loop is slowly sinking the tip but that still makes it excellent for nymphing.”

Chris Dawn
Trout Fisherman

“A brilliant casting line helped by that long belly and chunky head. No memory problems with this Airflo floater. The line offers a good compromise between distance and presentation.”

Article and Review reproduced with kind permission of Trout Fisherman magazine