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Grandad saved by Fladen Floatation Suit

Mr Davies in his Fladen Floatation SuitMr Davies recently survived a horrific ordeal while fishing from Witches Point near Porthcawl, and he credits his miraculous survival to his Fladen Floatation Suit. Here is an excerpt of the letter he sent to Fladen...

"On a high spring tide and poor weather conditions, I was swept off the rocks by a freak wave and went straight to the bottom. When I surfaced, I tried to swim to shore, but the tide had turned. I suddenly realised that I was actually floating thanks to the Fladen Floatation Suit, which stopped my panicking (I had only treated myself to it a few weeks earlier, thank goodness).

Luckily, my friend who was with me had the presence of mind to use his mobile and call the coastguard who in turn called the life boat station. By the time they arrived I was several hundred metres out to sea and had been in the water for at least 30 minutes. When they pulled me out to safety they told me that out of all the attempted rescues from this mark, I am the only one to be pulled out alive and it's all thanks to your brilliant suit, my friends quick thinking and the life boat crew.

The crew inspected the suit and could not praise it highly enough. All the local press picked up on the story - mainly because of the suit saving me, and the fact that it resulted in me being the only one to be pulled out alive from there. The story is going to be covered by several nationwide fishing magazines and there is also going to be a filmed reconstruction. Once again, thanks to all of you involved in my rescue."

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