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The “Cone Cut” point, with its extreme sharpness provided by a mechanicaily formed cone, has the unique advantage of a triangular crest and a barb so fine that it assures, without force, a clean and perfect penetration beyond the barb.

Cone Cut
Many fish hook manufacturers claim that their products are “super sharp”. But few hooks are really efficient when it comes to penetration.

With a fusion temperature of 1750°C, Vanadium is a metal too tough to be used pure. Once alloyed with a high carbon steel, however, it becomes revolutionary. For not only is Vanadium tough, it is light (density of 5.7 to be exact). Which is why it’s used for hard-wearing formula one engines parts. Vanadium is twice as costly as HC80 carbon steels used for regular hooks, but offers tremendous performance gains when hardened and tempered properly: up to 25% increased strength!

Carbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes. The higher the level of carbon, the stronger the steel. All VMC hooks are the product of 200 years of experienced craftsmen dedicated to perfection.

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