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Temple Fork Outfitters - High Performance Fly Rods



"Temple Fork Outfitters are what fly fisherman have been looking for... a fine piece of equipment at an attractive price. I believe the TICR models will satisfy even the most exacting fisherman"



One of the (if not the) most famous and respected anglers in the world, Lefty Kreh has lived his passion for fishing with 50 years of Outdoor Writing and Fly Fishing Instruction. During this time he has touched more lives and converted more to flyfishing than anyone ever has, or likely ever will.

Believe this... when Lefty puts his 50 years of experience into designing a series of rods, it will be worth your time to cast one. Then you might better understand his smile!

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Affordability has long been a barrier for those wanting to get started. With this in mind and effective immediately, Lefty has agreed to work with Temple Fork Outfitters. Together they will address the needs of the industry and make the following pledge:

Our goal is to increase participation in and awareness of flyfishing by offering the best possible combination of price and performance in rods.

Armed with a lifetime passion for flyfishing, Temple Fork Outfitters set out to establish a new standard of value for fly rods. They have relied on their own experience and advice of many professionals in creating what they believe is the perfect marriage - price and performance. Sound to good to be true? Cast one and you be the judge.

"Lifetime Warranties" on fly rods are worth little for rods that stay in the closet, and they are definitely a poor substitute for fly rod performance. For some of you, this may be your only rod, and for others who might be adding to a portfolio of rods, we expect this to become a favourite.

Temple Fork Outfitters rods prefer to spend their time fishing, and thus face a greater odds of breakage. The NO FAULT LIFETIME WARRANTY will repair or replace your rod for a reasonable shipping and handling charge for the life of the registered owner.

Additionally, at we are so convinced that you will be delighted with these rods that if for any reason whatsoever you are not totally happy, simply return the rod to us within 30 Days and we will refund your purchase price in full.