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An Introduction to Fly Fishing by Tony Scott


So, you’ve decided to take up this aspect of angling? You won’t regret it, I assure you.

In the following short chapters I hope to deliver a brief although accurate explanation of the tackle, its use and introduce you to some of the insects and their imitations that we use to attract and - sometimes - catch our quarry, be it in a small babbling country brook, larger river or still water.

There are a great many books available on the market that will give you a more in depth knowledge of our sport. Should you enjoy this little pre-amble I suggest you search them out to increase your personal knowledge and skills.

I started flyfishing in 1994 and made all of the mistakes that I hope to guide you around. I ran a fishing tackle shop for five years in the UK, qualifying as a STANIC (Salmon and Trout Association National Instructors Certificate) instructor in 2001 in the discipline of Trout fishing, before moving to France in 2004 to run a small holiday business specialising in flyfishing there. If you have the time, please visit our site Fly Fishing in France

I have helped introduce many people into the sport and sincerely hope that you will find the following guides useful.

Just one thing…………always wear eye protection (I suggest polarised sunglasses) and a suitable hat when fly fishing as flies have hooks and can travel at up to 80 mph during casting…. Need I say more?

I wish the reader good sport and tight lines.

Tony Scott STANIC (Trout)


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